Ans: Yes!, We accepts Visa, Mastercards and Amex cards. We do not charge extra surchages with any transaction made through cards. So dont stress about getting cash from the atm. At Instaphonefix, Every Technician is equiped with Eftpos Terminals.

Ans: We are professionals in mobile phone repairs. With years of experience in this industry, we know how important someone’s data is to them. Our technicians take utmost care while repairing your device to make sure data remains safe. However, We always recommend to backup all your personal data before handing your phone for repair. As there is always a chance that electronic equipments can get corrupted when exposed to atmosphere.

Ans: No!, We offer warranty only on the part that we replace. Charging port is a different part and issue. We can definitly help you to fix it with discounted prices but it cant be claimed under warranty.

Ans: 90% of the times our repair gets finished within 30 minutes. There is always a possibility that it might take extra 10-15 minutes depending on the circumstances and difficulty level of the repair.

Ans: Yes!, Our parts are of best quality available in the market. Every part and repair is backed with 1 year warranty.

Ans: The manufacturer of the phone can deny warranty claims if phone is fixed by any third party repairer.

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